What I learned about Dom:

- He doesn’t talk about his feelings AT ALL
- Hes not good at (verbally) acknowledging when it comes to my feelings.
- He’s vegetarian
- He loves cats but I dislike cats
- His sex game is sorta weak. Some days are amazing but most of time it’s …always slow and doesn’t know how to eat pussy right but when it comes to amazing bed session he’s really fucking nasty ass MF.
- He’s like a human encyclopedia. He just know about so many shit, he knows exactly what he’s talking about on everything and when he doesn’t know it he will admit and then research on it to learn.
- He’s obsessed with politics and loves cartel stories
- He’s a movie freak like me
- He comes from wealthy family, who never had hard life, who never had abusive childhood. It’s always hard for him to relate when I share my stories. I always have to elaborate on why this and that.
- Based on his actions…he has never been in love but when I ask him about it he wouldn’t talk about it. So it’s either he’s never been in love or he had his heart broken but would never talk about it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
- He’s 11 years older than me.
- He doesn’t trust. It takes years before he could trust.
- His communication skills are amazing
- He’s the type of guy that I can talk for hours and hours. He carry the conversation very well
- Everything has to be top notch brands in his loft and his clothes but he always rip the brand off or hide the brand if possible.
- He’s weak for dark chocolates, dark chocolate cakes/brownies.
- His fashion sense is like mine - all black but better coz he wears new shit all the time whilst I wear same clothes with holes for years lol (he said I’m a true punk, one of his reasons for being into me)
- He has an attractive personality, like a magnet to everyone. Everyone will get attach to him so quick because of the way he talks. He’s a black man who’s so good at making white people forgets he’s black. Like the way he talks to people, he has every white man calling him Sir ….I fuckin love that shit.
- He’s always busy…traveling around the world for business purposes.

We dated on and off for 11 years…we became really good friends but he keeps coming back to me and still wouldn’t tell me about his feelings. He confuses me but I’m not gonna trip on him. He’s gonna do whatever he wanna do like I do the same lol

before // after