2023-09-20 - Kyle Fox

Here I am lying awake at night wishing I knew how to make you smile. To make you laugh. Tonight is different. Tonight I’m HIGH, not drunk and feeling overwhelmed by life itself. I know I would never get much done if you were here tonight. I feel the busy ness running though my veins. Just saw ‘One Piece’ by Eiiichiro Oda and my brain protested the whole time.but the show was good. I’m glad I saw it because I heard it’s a masterpiece. That’s real life is like, the final ending when everything goes alright, there is a series of small miracles of timing, or impulse or conversations left unsaid, people seen or not seen opportunities and mistakes missed and grasped. Id really like to go ahead and take ‘shrooms right now, and I would if I could have you sneak into my bed in the middle of the night, someone that I could just see, like magic, like happenstance. You’re the one I want to laugh with, cry for, fight for, and to make love. You get what I’m saying? Every night is a little fucked up because you isn’t here with me. This is why I’m workaholic- to keep my sane busy. Fuck I wish I could see the millions of you. You don’t understand how much I love your face. I want millions photos of you. Am i insane? Maybe. But only for you.

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